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Welcome to Batsford, a leading publisher in the areas of fashion, design and illustration, practical art, textile art, heritage and chess.

  • Designing Costume for Stage and Screen

  • Fashion Portfolio

  • Fashion Exercise Book

  • Reclaimed Textiles

  • Big Book of Fashion Illustration mini edition

  • Beginner’s Guide to Abstract Art

  • Learn Watercolour Quickly

  • Experimental Landscapes in Watercolour

  • Watercolour Rainbow

  • London’s Strangest Tales: The Thames

  • Classic Readings and Poems

  • London’s Strangest Tales: Historic Royal Palaces

  • Cycling’s Strangest Tales

  • Favourite Poems of England

Meet our Authors
  • Interview with Frances Moffatt

  • Interview with Hazel Soan

  • Interview with Kim Thittichai

  • Interview with Helen Parrott

  • Interview with Anne Kelly

  • Hazel Soan speed painting an elephant

  • Fashion Exercise Book: Perfume Bottle

  • Fashion Exercise Book: Heavy Metal

  • Fashion Exercise Book: Gig Guide

  • Fashion Exercise Book: Beauty School Dropout

Poem of the Week
  • At the Zoo by William Makepeace Thackeray

  • So, We’ll Go No More A Roving by Lord Byron

  • First Love by John Clare

  • Infant Joy by William Blake

  • Sonnet by John Keats